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            2013 Alba Vineyard Cabernet Franc Heritage

            About Alba Vineyard

            Alba Vineyard (www.albavineyard.com) is a 93-acre estate nestled in the rolling hills of Warren County, on the north side of the Musconetcong river valley, a tributary of the Delaware River. Alba is a part of the Warren Hills AVA and is situated in the central New Jersey town of Milford.

            I’ve written about Alba Vineyard and its beautiful winery and tasting room in prior articles. The place is magical and I highly-recommend a visit, in the summer for the gorgeous courtyard where one can enjoy a bottle while listening to music and munching on food prepared by local restaurants, or in the colder months for a sampling of the wines in the warm and cozy tasting room.

            Looks: Inky purple-red in the glass

            Smell: Dark fruit with some smoky notes

            Taste: Rich flavors of dark raspberries with some vanilla and mocha notes

            Texture and Finish: Full-bodied, silky mouth-feel, medium finish

            Pairings: Beef, lamb, venison, rich tomato sauce-based dishes

            Style: Red Wine

            Grape Type(s): 100% Cabernet Franc

            Region: Warren County, NJ, USA

            Price: $40



            2014 Dirty & Rowdy Shake Ridge Ranch Mourvedre

            About Dirty & Rowdy The Dirty (Hardy and Kate Wallace) and Rowdy (Matt and Amy Richardson) families came together for a simple purpose – make wines that they actually want to drink. In 2010, they did just that when they formed a small family partnership based in Sonoma, Dirty & Rowdy Family Winery (www.dirtyandrowdy.com), that […]

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            Wine & Words with Teresa Politano

            A Wine & Words creative writing excursion and wine tasting featuring famed New Jersey writer, Teresa Politano, will be held at Mount Salem Vineyards on Sunday, February 10, 2019 2:00-4:00 PM. Wine as writing, wine as life. Spend a unique afternoon tasting wine and writing in the creative workshop where attendees will compare the structure, […]

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            Allagash Brewing Dinner at Villalobos January 30

            Amanti Vino (www.amantivino.com) will host a very cool Allagash Brewing Company (www.allagash.com) beer dinner at Villalobos in Montclair on?Wednesday, January 30th?@ 7pm. Jared Ruocco of?Allagash Brewing Company?will?be?on-hand?for an epic?four-course,?family style?dinner prepared by Chef Adam Rose (owner and head chef at Villalobos). Highlighted by a mouthwatering Berkshire Pork Shoulder “Carnitas” with all the taco ‘fixins’, the […]

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            The Shannon Rose Irish Pub Hop & Sizzle Menu

            The Shannon Rose Irish Pub‘s annual?Hop & Sizzle menu is now available through January 30 at its Clifton and Ramsey restaurants. The Hop & Sizzle menu?– showcasing one of the all-time greatest duos in history: burgers and beer – features a selection of chef-created, hand-crafted burgers, each with a craft beer suggestion for the perfect […]

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            2015 Cristom Mt. Jefferson Cuvée Pinot Noir

            I know this 2015 Cristom Mt. Jefferson Cuvée Pinot Noir was a baby, but I still opted to uncork it on New Year’s Eve to pair with some of the meats served at my fondue party. While it could have used some additional time in the bottle, the wine was lovely, much like the 2014 […]

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            Donaldson Farms Healthy Bites Buying Club CSA

            Donaldson Farms (https://donaldsonfarms.net) is one of my very favorite places to visit in New Jersey. The farm is simply gorgeous, the staff is friendly and helpful and I visit throughout the summer, especially during ‘you-pick-it berry and apple season. It’s the New Year and many of us are looking to implement healthier eating habits in […]

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            Easy Grilled Lobster Tails

            I grew up 20 miles from Maine in Quebec so lobster is something we ate a lot of when I was growing up. While I think a lobster boil is hard to beat, I sometime like grilled lobster tails to pair with a steak. Who doesn’t like a great surf and turf? This recipe is […]

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            Maple White Russian

            I just hosted a Christmas dinner for my family in Quebec and as a hostess gift, my uncle got me a bottle of Coureur des Bois. The liqueur is similar to Irish cream, but….it’s maple-flavored! I brought the bottle back home and created a festive drink using the maple cream for New Year’s Eve. This […]

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            Best Dishes 2018

            My job continued to have me on the road quite a bit in 2018 and I took several neat food-centric vacations also and while I’ve had many, many outstanding meals in 2018, I’ve tried to narrow down to the 15 best dishes I enjoyed during the past year. Here’s the list in restaurant name alphabetical […]

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